Data-driven insight will help you invest with confidence.

Data & Insights

Understand the impact of your activities, get closer to customer behaviours, and move forward with agility as you get a glimpse of what the future holds

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To us every sale counts, so we leave no stone unturned to learn, plan, and act.

Focus on the levers that make the biggest difference, guided by up-to-the-minute reports that give you the data at your fingertips

Globally recognised data capture tools together with research that taps into pop-up communities, consumer panels and respected industry sources help our clients make smart decisions and gain that critical competitive advantage

Data gathering.

World-class tools and the very best people help us capture all the right inputs, digital and physical, alongside the most up to date research findings.

Live dashboards.

We convert the inputs into the critical outputs, providing up to the minute comprehensive, customisable dashboards that enable agile, informed decision making.

Research expertise.

For those questions that demand new levels of understanding we access respected industry and consumer research sources and add bespoke in-field, pop-up or panel options into the mix.

High tech solutions.

With access to the latest, smartest technology we measure and report on every type of activity, focusing on unravelling the complex web of ROI.

Realistic recommendations

Leaning on our experience right along the customer journey we filter on what’s actionable and achievable and share the insights that really make a difference

LG Field Marketing Retail Marketing Group

Underpinning everything we do

Our solution
  1. We pull in data from every available source

    RMG Recruitment
  2. Ask the right questions to add understanding

    RMG Sales Teams
  3. Provide clarity through live and meaningful snapshots

    RMG Operations
  4. Combine every input source to create actionable insights

    RMG Insights
  5. Communicate the insight and take the appropriate action

    RMG Communication

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