Increase your ability to sell online using our bespoke tools.

Digital Sales

Scale your e-commerce and online customer service capabilities overnight with RMG’s Digital Sales Service. Whether chatbot, personalised text chat or bespoke video feeds with your representatives, your customers will receive a personal level of service usually reserved for in-store.

Digital Sales Solution

Personal shopping

Create a personalised experience for your customers with bespoke video call and text box solutions from RMG.

Engage customers first with automated solutions, delivering customers to your representatives with the relevant information allowing for a more personalised service.

Digital Personal Shopping

A full brand experience

RMG’s Digital Sales Service extends beyond our tools.

Using our years of experience, we create bespoke designs, kits and environments to ensure that your brand retains its identity as we move online. Guaranteeing a space that best helps your representatives sell your brand and products is of paramount importance to sales success.

Digital Brand Experience

Trained to win

Selling online is a skill set all of its own.

We arm your representatives with the best possible training to develop this skill and teach them how to most effectively interact with shoppers online. We also help educate on how to maximise the technology at their fingertips, enhancing the customer experience and leading to increased sales.

This is all rolled into RMG’s Digital Selling Service.

Digital Sales Training

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