Innovative events for the digital, virtual & live worlds

E:VENT Solutions

We create memorable & engaging virtual (and live) events that enhance minds, nurture behaviours and spark ideas.

As the events landscape evolves so do our innovative solutions for communication, engagement, learning, reward and recognition and more!

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“every virtual cloud has a virtual lining”

A forward thinking approach for virtual or live events

In our virtual E:VENT world you receive the same dedicated and experienced event management support that we provide in the ‘real’ world; just in digital form.

When circumstances allow, we will offer innovative combinations of virtual and live face to face events to cover all your bases.

We offer a unique digital world that helps our clients communicate, engage and interact with their audiences in a safe, secure, eco-friendly way

Virtual Events

24/7 On-Site Support

Tailored and branded digital events

Quick start in two weeks

Dedicated, UK-based Event Manager

Private & secure environment

So much more than a live streaming experience

Let’s tackle the obvious question, “why not just use Zoom or Teams or the like?”

Well, other streaming video services are great for smaller meetings and team interactions. In fact, we use them ourselves as collaboration tools when the time is right

However, our E:VENT worlds are perfect for that larger, high profile virtual event experience. That annual kick-off meeting, international sales conference or awards celebration, with no travel costs, no overnight stays and numerous eco-benefits

Working collaboratively to deliver exactly what you want and need

  • Innovative virtual & live event creation, planning & operation
  • Complete event logistics & communication solutions, all fully measurable
  • Technical production & event technology
  • Creative content, presentation design & formatting
  • Video production, streaming & broadcasting in our virtual world (live or pre-recorded & available on demand)
Virtual events with colleagues
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Come and experience our world for yourself

Let us show you how our virtual world can help you, your team and your customers get back together in a safe, secure and innovative way. Re-building those collaborations, opening lines of communication and engaging hearts and minds across your audiences.

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two-pronged virtual workspace approach

HQ Campus

A world built for safe collaboration, interaction, culture & community.

Virtual co-worker

Don’t let remote working eel like isolation; drop-in, work together, share ideas & be involved.

HQ Campus

Your very own virtual business park, complete with all the offices, conference rooms & auditoria that you and your business could desire. With the added bonus of a rooftop terrace, relaxing grassy areas & a beach (yes, a beach!)

A fully immersive and interactive world, where you go to work as an avatar and interact with your colleagues just as you might in the real world, yet you have the magic and flexibility that being ‘virtual’ provides.

Virtual Campus

Virtual Co-Worker

If you’re not in the market for your own private island (that’s what the HQ Campus is), yet you need to bring colleagues and clients together on a regular basis, then our Co-Worker Experience is the route to take.

Virtual co-working is flexible, versatile, scalable and secure. It offers the same innovative avatar feel of ‘presence’ as HQ, but in a shared, yet private world.

Virtual Co-working

HQ Campus & Virtual Co-Worker Advantage

A whole world of possibilities
  • Enable serious business connections
  • Create fun, casual interactions
  • Meet, talk & collaborate in one of many settings
No more “Zoom Gloom”
  • No more reliance on scheduled video calls
  • Instant ability to chat, meet & share
  • Banish that feeling of isolation
Grow team spirit & culture
  • Give your people a sense of belonging & community
  • Create a safe, secure & familiar place where people know they won’t be alone

All the space you need
  • Wide range of workspaces to cover your needs
  • Personalised offices, hot desks, meeting rooms, training rooms and social areas
Natural collaboration
  • Work on docs & projects as if you were sat side by side
  • Invite individuals & teams to view content in privacy
Retain your talent
  • Create a culture that doesn’t feel remote
  • Give your people a nurturing environment to thrive
Limit costs & grow sustainability
  • No costly commutes
  • No wasted travel time
  • No expensive real estate overheads

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