Engage your customers in the real world.

Brand Experience

We create immersive events and experiences that stimulate, educate and entertain your audience.

Bosch Experiential Retail Marketing Group

Bring a new dimension to your marketing strategies.

The best brands can’t wait to share their stories. By meeting consumers face-to-face, we have an opportunity to craft emotional connections, dramatise innovation, and influence purchase.

Create brand excitement.

Build a strategic experiential concept that engages the senses in ways that other marketing channels cannot emulate.

Amplify your message.

Extend the reach of your brand and enhance your social presence by providing real-life and virtual experiences that people will want to talk about.

Enhance your analytics.

Collect the kind of data that makes the difference, with cutting-edge tech analysing footfall, flow routes, dwell time, engagement rates and even sentiment.

Boost brand recall.

Embed your brand more deeply into the minds of consumers with memorable experiences that build invaluable connections.

Be a point of difference.

Stand out from the crowd by helping consumers interact directly with your brand, face-to-face safely, or through carefully curated pe-recorded or live-streamed events.

Retail Marketing Experiential

Powered by amazing people

Our people

Our superstar experience team love creating direct consumer interaction at ‘live’ events, face-to-face or using the latest technology.

Discover how our people help some of the UK’s biggest brands achieve more.

RMG and Bosch Field Marketing

Meet your customers face to face and bring your product stories to life. Educate and inform the people that sell your products at retailer events.

Connecting your brand to consumers

Our solution
  1. Listen, understand, plan

    Be it physical, virtual or a combination of the two, we’ll get a strategy in place

    RMG Recruitment
  2. Content that resonates

    Created by experts, quality, engaging, customised for every channel

    RMG People
  3. Deliver flawlessly

    Our experience and expertise mean we will not disappoint

    RMG Experiential
  4. Measure and learn

    From dwell time to sentiment we capture it all

    RMG Operations
  5. Results count

    We’ll be back with a full de-brief, informing, sharing and closing the loop

    RMG Communication

Garmin create state-of-the-art wearable tech. To really understand the power and connectivity of their product range, we created Garmin’s first-ever pop-up retail, using the power of demonstration and trial to help consumers make informed choices on item style and functionality during the busy seasonal period.

Real-world consumer engagement
Garmin Experiential Event Retail Marketing