Your front line change agents in the field

Field Marketing

Take your brand direct to the people with vibrant and passionate field marketing teams, skilled at lighting that first spark of interest, turning it into a sale, and nurturing all-important lasting loyalty.

GoPro in store experience marketers

Let RMG’s field marketing teams connect your brand with your audience.

Retail ready, up to date with the very latest guidelines, and with the kit they need, RMG’s team of on-the-ground specialists can help your brand deliver”.

Making that emotional connection.

The relationships we create, wherever we engage, will bring your brand to life, telling stories and making it personal.

Stand out from the crowd.

We’ll help you get the presence and visibility you deserve, and make sure your instore experience gives you the edge.

Spread the word.

Whether physical or virtual, our engaging training and compelling demos will build knowledge and earn fans.

Win at the sharp end.

Insight means we’ll be in all the right places, qualifying customers, understanding their needs and helping them find the solution that fits.

Results are what we deliver.

We track, analyse, and adjust to ensure you get the best possible return, time after time.

Bosch Field Marketing Retail Marketing Group

Learn how RMG’s approach to field marketing has helped establish a great partnership with LG, one of the world’s most iconic electronic brands.

Field marketing in action
LG customer facing roles
Case study

Powered by amazing people

Meet a sales ambassador

Meet Ahmar, one of our valued change agents, creating connections with LG customers out on the shop floor.

Discover how our people help some of the UK’s biggest brands achieve more.

LG Field Marketing Retail Marketing Group

Sales ambassador for LG

The RMG field marketing solution

  1. An integrated approach

    We don’t do silos. Field marketing is only part of the solution.

    RMG Operations
  2. Results are the focus

    We understand KPIs and always have one eye on them.

    RMG Results
  3. Data, data, data

    It shapes what we do, every single thing.

    RMG Insights
  4. Always learning

    Experience helps, but we don’t stand still.

    RMG Development
  5. People are the key

    Informed, committed, expertly trained & highly motivated.

    RMG People

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