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We harness the power of emotional connections to help world-class brands stand out, win fans and drive sales.

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We can help you bring your event to life in the virtual world.

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If you had hoped to bring people together in the near future, be they team members, clients, prospects, consumers or award winners, we have a suite of solutions that allow us to create, customise and host engaging, immersive and interactive events that build those critical emotional connections.

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What we do
At RMG we go beyond field marketing by employing a fully integrated, 360° approach to resolve the challenges our clients face. Drawing on our expertise across Data, Digital, Experiential – and, of course, People – we put your brand story front-and-centre at each stage of your customer’s journey, helping it resonate at every touchpoint.
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We get under the skin, to create consumer experiences that engage on an emotional level.

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Digital has never been more important. We understand consumers, after all, we interact with them every day. Let us be the catalyst for accelerating digital change.

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Through data, we know how customers think, why they act – and how to reach them.

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Want to turn your brand story into a live experience? We’ll show you how.

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Our people share a pioneering spirit, the kind of fresh thinkers who ask the questions that get to the core of what makes life interesting – and who know how to close the gap between initial interest and consumer purchase.
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Garmin create state-of-the-art wearable tech. To really understand the power and connectivity of their product range, we created Garmin’s first-ever pop-up retail, using the power of demonstration and trial to help consumers make informed choices on item style and functionality during the busy seasonal period.

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