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We harness the power of emotional connections to help world-class brands stand out, harness digital to drive sales, and win fans.

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Retail Marketing Group

Rapidly increase your team’s ability to engage

The RMG Digital Sales Service

RMG’s Digital Sales Service includes:

  • Tools for representatives to engage directly with online customers via text or video
  • Creating bespoke environments to stay on-brand when selling
  • Training for representatives to sell effectively online
  • Installation and training on the required equipment for your team
  • Tools that enable personal aftersales customer service via text or video
Digital Sales Solution

Meet, host and co-work in your virtual world

Introducing E:VENT.
  • Events or conferences for up to 10,000 people in bespoke branded environments
  • Meet clients or colleagues in a secure, private meeting space
  • Bring teams together again and collaborate in your exclusive co-working office
  • Build and brand a private virtual campus to use year-round for events, meetings and co-working.
  • Rapid turnaround and setup with 24/7 on-site support
Virtual Events

We also create in-person experiences that engage on an emotional level.

Our Services

Field marketing

Your front-line change agents in the field.

Intel Field Marketing Retail Marketing Group


Digital has never been more important. We understand consumers, after all, we interact with them every day. Let us be the catalyst for accelerating digital change.

Retail Marketing Group Digital

Data & Insights

Through data, we know how customers think, why they act – and how to reach them.

Data Insights Retail Marketing Group


Want to turn your brand story into a live experience? We’ll show you how.

Experiential Marketing Retail Marketing Group

Meet the new faces of your brand.

Meet our brand ambassadors
Our people share a pioneering spirit, the kind of fresh thinkers who ask the questions that get to the core of what makes life interesting – and who know how to close the gap between initial interest and consumer purchase.
LG Brand Ambassador Field Marketing

Garmin create state-of-the-art wearable tech. To really understand the power and connectivity of their product range, we created Garmin’s first-ever pop-up retail, using the power of demonstration and trial to help consumers make informed choices on item style and functionality during the busy seasonal period.

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Garmin Experiential Event Retail Marketing

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